Windows 10 vs. 11 for developers

Windows 10 vs. 11 for developers

József Kocsis

In October 2021, Microsoft released the next version of Windows called Windows 11. This free update will be made available continuously on machines that are compatible with Windows 11. To the best of our knowledge, Microsoft is constantly expanding the range of machines that can run Windows 11.

There are a number of new features for developers that Microsoft summarizes at:

As a web developer, it's also worth noting that in Windows 11, Microsoft is finally "retiring" Internet Explorer and will no longer be included in the latest version of Windows and will not be able to be installed. This can be a problem if, for whatever reason, we still need to provide support to our customers who are still using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge, which has officially replaced Internet Explorer, helps with such cases. Here's how to turn on Intenet Explorer mode:

However, with this tool, you will still not be able to use the Internet Explorer Developer Tools as before. We also get a not very convenient, but somewhat usable solution for this: in addition to the Edge browser, with a separate IE DevTool application, which practically gives you the previous Internet Explorer development tools in a separate application. Here's how to use it:

All in all, we can't say it's an ideal solution, but it's absolutely useful if you absolutely need to support Internet Explorer, but at the same time want to try Windows 11.