Webcapital’s main profile is planning, developing, and maintaining custom web based and content management systems.

Our key goal is to help clients discover new technologies and tools and to enable them to use solutions tailored to their needs in creative and efficient ways.

Our approach

We believe in the power of long-term relationships.

When working with clients, from planning to project completion, our goal is to become their personal advisors, helping their companies plan ahead for their responses to future challenges they face in the online world. We work to make our clients business and everyday job more efficient and effective, tailored to the specifics of the company through a long-term collaboration based on complex business consulting and prevention.

Technology is not just an IT tool for us, but an inspiration to encourage our customers to learn about and to use new tools to achieve growth and a more efficient operation every day.

How we work

Biztonságos és stabil környezetet biztosító technológiák

Technologies for a safe and stable environment

We work with industry proven technologies that are generally recognized, providing our customers with the safest and most stable environment possible. We offer our customers bespoke solutions that enable faster implementation and easier subsequent developments compared to using robust families of programs. If required, we also use third-party packages after a rigorous examination of the package’s code base and usage statistics. We support our customers by developing their already existing systems.
Biztonságos és stabil környezetet biztosító technológiák

Test driven development

Whenever possible, we work with TDD (test driven development, TDD) methodology which ensures the high degree of stability of the product from the beginning. Agile methods are used when designing the development process, and we tailored and integrated the best parts of the Scrum methodology into our day-to-day activities and project planning processes, with a special focus on the project management and documentation.
Biztonságos és stabil környezetet biztosító technológiák

Perfect user experience

In all projects, we keep in mind that the final product (website, landing page, application or web shop) needs to provide a perfect user experience on all sizes and types of displays and they also need to work seamlessly on a touch screen (responsive design). If required, we can also create a separate mobile interface.
Biztonságos és stabil környezetet biztosító technológiák

Customized package offers

We support our small business and sole trader clients’ online presence with flexible, customizable package offerings that can be easily tailored to the needs and requirement of the companies and industries, and take the burden off the shoulders of small business leaders without large IT capacities.