Laravel Vapor - the serverless deployment platform

Laravel Vapor - the serverless deployment platform

Kornél M. Novák

Taylor Otwell announced the launch of Laravel Vapor on June 24, 2019, and as this platform and the infrastructure behind it have received increasing attention recently, we decided to take a closer look at the service as well.


What is Laravel Vapor?

Laravel Vapor is a so-called serverless deployment platform that works with the Lambda feature of Amazon’s AWS infrastructure to take the burden of complex configurations off the backs of developers. This becomes especially important when we decide that we want to enter the global market with an application and suddenly or intermittently have to deal with a heavy load on servers. Vapor is a monthly service package (SAAS) that provides unlimited user group, project and deployment creation for developers but does not include the additional costs of AWS Lambda.


Why is Laravel Vapor good?

It allows you to manage all the configuration and installation / upgrade tasks of a complex Laravel application through one interface, and in the background the AWS service automatically adjusts the required resources, so in theory we will only have to pay for what we actually use.

Serverless solutions also have setbacks, so Laravel developers have made several changes in version 8 that already provide flexible interoperability with AWS.


In the next part of our series on Vapor, we’ll look at some of the parts and architecture of the service. Stay with us!