How long does it take to get a professional website? Steps and time requirements for development

How long does it take to get a professional website? Steps and time requirements for development


As a company manager with no particular expertise in the IT world, it is difficult to imagine the process we face if we devide to create a website, and how long this process takes. Timing is key to the launch of a website and the development of the company. The setup of a website from the plan to the active system can take from only a few weeks to even months. We would like to help you by reviewing the following 3 questions, which greatly defines this process.


Clear expectations

The time in which the website is created is greatly influenced by the fact that someone arrives with a ready-made idea, knows what they want, or wants to figure out with the development company what page they want on the fly. If you have to make changes several times during the process, reaching retroactively into a previously established system, it involves a lot of work, greatly increasing the development time, extending it from 1 week to several months.


Thoughtful design

If someone arrives with a ready-made idea of what kind of look and layout they want for their website, it speeds up the process, and even if an outside professional consults with a graphic designer about it and comes with preliminary plans, it also speeds up development. Having a pre-designed layout is the fastest way, with a basic 6-page Wordpress page so you can start your new page in as little as 2 weeks. If the design is made separately, the site will be created according to the collaboration between the designer and the IT team, so the transfer can be delayed, but a unique and personalized product can be created.


Unique features

It is important to consider how many unique solutions will be needed on the website. These can be a unique booking system, calendar synchronization with existing systems, integration with payment platforms, etc. These usually all increase development time and cost. The more unique and complicated a solution is, the more complex the implementation and the more costly the end result will be, but in most cases developers can propose an optimal solution to keep costs at bay.